New challenges!

So, I’ve been reading some new blogs, mostly due to being bored at work (I do try to find things to do!). One of them is very inspirational and brought to my attention the idea of setting oneself ‘challenges’ instead of resolutions. I suppose this is the same idea as having goals, which is something I’ve gone with before, as it seems more motivational and positive. I took my inspiration directly from Kate’s challenges but adapted them to suit, and as I have a history of failure I have selected a much shorter list!

My challenges this year (which will hopefully increase my ‘happiness’ rating, which is currently very low) are:

  1. Reading: I am going to start with one book per month. I have no such excuse as children for my current slow reading rate but I want to start with an easy goal for now. I will also catch up with EVO magazine by the end of March (currently several months behind).
  2. Self sufficiency: I am so far behind on this one so I decided to make it real simple by challenging myself to cook from scratch twice a week. Yes, yes, this is a very unchallenging challenge but I really have sunk this low, so it sufficies for now (and can always be increased). I will also start counting wasted food by its value as motivation to reduce waste.
  3. Switch off & connect: I am genuinely happier when not online. I also waste a lot of time watching TV and negect other hobbies (such as reading!). So I shall have 2 days per week of no TV or internet (work is excluded for obvious reasons). I will also try harder to watch TV OR surf the net (very easy to (try to) do both at once which is not efficient or healthy!).
  4. Business challenge: I have BIG plans but they must remain secret for now! The future is bright…

I also plan to do the photography challenge (one themed photo per day for a month) at some point but I want to get going on the above first and re-visit this later. I may tweak the categories as some of them are too ‘samey’ for me.

Next job is to investigate why Mog started peeing in the corner of rooms this morning (strongly suspect my slightly later rising and feeding as the cause but want to rule out seasonality first!).



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