Quick pond update

Too busy to blog but things are progressing in the garden of rampant growth. For now just an update on the pond.

Last week’s attempt to buy aquatic plants was thwarted by Catbus (my transport) having serious issues, which culminated in limping to the dealership and leaving him there until Monday when someone could look at the fault. Turned out to be just a dodgy hose so (almost) cheapest ever trip to a mechanic (Ford charged £100 for fault reading and pushing the hose back on versus local mechanic who did the above for free when Mr S’s car did the same…). Anyway, I managed to get a free Saturday again this weekend (thanks Mummy!) and went to try again. The lady at The Natural Garden was lovely and we had a nice chat about aquatic plants, horses and everything else and I ended up with…

Water mint
Ragged robin
Water forget-me-not
Marsh cinquefoil

There were several other plants on my wishlist, particularly oxygenators, but these were all she had that were native (some are cultivars). I plan to look online for oxygenators.

This is what the pond looks like now:


And a gratuitous cat pic:



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