Garden update

Still missing the rain…have used a lot of tap water on the wildflower meadow to try to keep the seeds viable (and induce them to sprout) but it’s full of nutrients as well as being relatively expensive (in water terms; in cost terms it’s dirt cheap!). Anyone know a rain dance?

The second set of peas and spring onions I planted directly into the veg bed failed to sprout and the bed had become utterly full of weeds. So today I took the plunge and dug the whole thing over by hand and removed all green things and as many root fragments as I could. Probably I should dig it over and add compost several times and try again next year but I am impatient! I had half a bag of (peat free) compost so I added that to one half and raked it through before planting:

  • Carrots
  • Radishes
  • Sweetcorn
  • Peas

It now looks like this:

Veg bed 4.5.15

I also planted some courgettes into two of my potato bags from last year. I also added plant food since the compost is from last year so is probably very low in nutrients now. I don’t like using artificial methods to grow anything so I need to work out if I can make my own. I do have some main crop Maris Pipers chitting but they are taking a long time and I probably shouldn’t have bought main crop as they need so much more room than earlies. I also get plenty of potatoes in my veg box so it doesn’t make much sense to grow them. I will see if my neighbour wants them.


The hawthorn suffered in the latest heavy (but short) rainfall event so I had to increase the height of the stake and re-tie it. Perhaps I need to undertake some sort of management. I hadn’t planned to coppcie it as that’s not really what I’m after but it seems to be too tall and spindly so I might have to.


So it’s third time lucky with the veg! I also have some car tyres to make into pots but I don’t have any soil to put in them now so they will have to wait. I have some spare wildflower seeds from various sources which I might plant in the tyres. I want to put them around the pond but the grass is in the way! I also plan to buy some plug plants for the pond when I get time. It will help even out the levels as well as providing food, egg-laying surfaces and shelter etc. for wildlife.


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