Just a quickie…

Yesterday was another fine, sunny day and so after cycling home from work I felt motivated enough to do a little planting. I finally gave up on the thyme and sowed some coriander in its place (I would have re-sown the thyme but I’ve lost it!). My peas and spring onions (I previously sowed half a row of each) never appeared – possibly due to the soil being too cold – and now I have planted another few seeds of each (a little further along the same row so I haven’t given up on them!). Same story with the lettuce and salad leaves – none came up, so I have started again (same soil). The parsley has sprouted so has gone into a real outside pot. The coriander, lettuce and salad leaves are back in mushroom pots in the ‘greenhouse’, which I also mended yesterday so it now has a cover again and may actually act as a greenhouse. Much as I would love a proper greenhouse there isn’t really room and they’re very expensive, so it’s ‘tent greenhouse’ or nothing!

There was a little rain this morning but it didn’t quite make up for the evporative losses in the pond so the level is slightly lower than when I finished! Come on rain! The single inhabitant (pond skater) has left and not returned 😦

Mr S has also just finished the second compost bin (made from old fence panels), which is another good job done. Next major job is to re-roof the shed. An easy one to put off but we really should get on with it!


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