No fancy pics today I’m afraid – the garden looks much the same and very rainy (and now dark)!

However, I have been making a few preparatory purchases and have established that my local garden centre sells play sand but no pond liners. Good to know. I have bought a second water butt (this one was much easier to get home in my house-sized Mondeo compared to the old one, which we brought home in the MX-5, sitting in the passenger seat and nearly taking off at speed!), a watering can (this one will be dedicated to watering whereas the old one was really bought for car washing purposes), some veggie plant food, some gravel for improving soil drainage and some multi-purpose compost (cheaper than potting compost coz I’m a skinflint!). Speaking of which, I declined to buy the nice plant labels as they were £30. Yes, £30! I kid you not. I have yet to determine how I will make my own but make my own I bloody will at that price!

The date for the pond digging party is dependent on Mr S’s work schedule but I’m hoping for Easter to allow us a full four days to get the turf up, hole dug, soil transferred to front and wildflower seed planted. I will probably go for Emorsgate EN1 mix as it is nectar-rich and a well thought of brand (British seed). Next door has kindly offered to lend me their wheel barrow 😀 – what would I do without them?


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