My Garden Part 2

So much for regular blogging resolutions! Oh well, I have something to blog now and maybe I will blog more often in the future.

Yesterday I harvested my first crop: three potato bags and two pots of peas. The peas tasted yummy (although my other half disagrees!), and I don’t even like peas generally. The potatoes look really good but taste fairly bland; add a bit of garlic mayo and now you’re talking! With all the peat free compost I had to buy to grow them they are probably the most expensive potatoes that were evergrown, but might pay for themselves if I grow them for ten years using the same soil! I planted the first lot of peas on 18/4/2014, and they were edible about a month ago and may produce more peas still. Sadly I didn’t note down when I planted the potatoes so I don’t know how long they took to grow, but I have harvested them about one-two weeks following the stems and leaves dying down, so will use that as a guide. I do remember that they were ‘second earlies’. I will definitely do them again next year, and might try some bigger potatoes as well, as I do love a baked potato. I also planted spring onions on 18/4/2014 and they are still minute. I’m not sure why, perhaps I didn’t water enough, or they may need feeding?

My first crop!
Garden in July
Garden in July

Having missed the early spring mow in order to watch what my garden does by itself for a year before choosing a regime, it has gone mad! Early in spring a lot of bulbs came up, including primroses and snowdrops. Unfortunately I lost all of my computer files in May so I have no pictures to post of these. The rowan and hawthorn are doing really well, and are the best thing I have done to the house since I moved here. I have some cleavers in the back and bindweed in the front, so trying to keep on top of these. The bramble I’ve been trying not to cut back in the hope it will bear fruit, but that doesn’t seem to have happened, so I may as well chop it back before it takes over my shed and bins! I also have wild strawberries in my front garden, but they taste a bit strong for me!

Rowan July 2014

You can just see the rowa amongst the weeds. Next to the rowan is where we buried my darling hamster Victor Vesuvius, the best hamster who ever lived.

Next year I plan to demolish the remaining buddleia and assorted bushes, leaving the large purple one behind as the bees seem to like it, and dig a vegetable patch (between the rowan and the shed). This area is extremely clayey so will probably need some ‘improvement’. I am also going to build as big a pond as I can fit between the bird feeder and the washing line. I also pledge to weed around the rowan! Maybe I can find some small native bushes that don’t mind shade to go there instead.

In the front I have been planning to make room for a car next to the existing line of cars and devote the rest to herbs. However, I start a new job in August which will not require me to use my car for commuting (woot!), so I may just devote the whole garden to growing stuff. Need some ideas. Tempted to try to grow fruit as the front is where the sun is…


2 thoughts on “My Garden Part 2”

  1. It’d make sense to make an extra space for a car next to the road so you can both get independently?
    Those potatoes look lovely!

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